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My name is Williams Eze. I came to Brazil from Venezuela in the year 2016 with a serious heart problem called Arterial Arrhythmia. This ailment makes the heart to accelerate faster than normal. It was very difficult for me to walk fast nor climb stairs of any kind without ending up in the hospital emergency care unit. For this reason, my blood pressure was always on the high side. ——HEALING I came in contact with Pastor Maxwell of Peculiar Nation In Christ where I subsequently started worshiping since June, 2017 to date. I received my healing completely on one faithful Sunday service when Pastor Maxwell hit my chest and I had to visit the restroom few occasions to vomit white saliva. After that incident, I noticed that my heart started functioning normal and the blood pressure as well. The healing did not only stop there, it affected other things in my life that amazed me. It was a complete healing. I give God all the Glory and will ever remain thankful to Him for His Glory that is shining upon my

My name is Patrick Eloka. I was healed also of lung congestion and high blood pressure which defied medical solution at the time. Hallelujah, I am a living testimony

My name is Mirable Bjukang and this is to testify to the Goodness of God in my life abd the life of my daughter.My daughter Victoria Amarachi nwike Tony who was born premature weighing 1.2kg. During the period of pregnancy, I was diagnosed oH.I.V positive coupled with other diseases as confirmed by the medical doctors . Exactly 6months of my pregnancy one early morning being Saturday. I discovered somuch water was coming out of my body and on Monday I went to the hospital and was told it was the baby sack that has broken and was admitted and put under serious medical attention but Victoria landed on Wednesday. Behold my eyes could not stand the size of my baby as she weighed just 1.2kg. She was taken into the intensive care unit and put into the incubator. Several testes were carried on her and the doctors said she hard a hole in her heart which may retard her growth, she could feed through her mouth, she has to survive only under oxygen and many more. On my own part, I was battling with the trauma of being a carrier. One early morning while in the hospital bed, I decided to call my Pastor (Daddy as I always refer to him) and told him my medical report, and being a father that he is! He gave me Psalms to pray with and told me he is praying for me. One week later being on Sunday why lying on bed still in the hospital, I had a dream where some one came with a cup of blood and asked me to drink it, saying I am exchanging your blood. I woke up and felt relieved. Days later, my third lab results were out after carrying test on it from 4 major hospital in the state and I was confirmed free from every sickness. I was discharged to go home and to start visiting my daughter. So I resumed church. At this time, my daughter had spent about 3 months in the hospital under oxygen. An operation was scheduled to be carried out on her one blessed Monday, but on Sunday I was present in church and the Pastor (my Daddy) Pastor Maxwell prayed for me and anointed my head with perculiar oil, he instructed me to go and pray for my daughter and to put the oil on her forehead. I went to the hospital and did as instructed by the man of God . while in the theatre the doctors said the operation cannot be carried out because the instrument needed was the wrong type. Victoria was taking back to her room with her dad. Later in the evening after I closed from work I went to sleep with her in the hospital as I usually do, I head one voice telling me to breast feed her which I did and behold my daughter could suck very well. while I was breast feeding her, a medical doctor came in and told me to stop it that do I want to kill her but I replied to her that my daughter can suck well but she said it not possible. An emergency test was carried on her and was confirmed she can eat using her mouth that was on Tuesday morning. and under the space of days oxygen was removed from her and the hole on her heart disappeared. The doctors called me and said my daughter is fine and will be discharged. Oh did I forget to tell you that my Mama (Pastor’s wife) called me after one beautiful Sunday service and asked me to name her victoria that she is victorious from every troubles of life. Today victoria is victorious and she is 2 years old strong and healthy to the glory of God. I just wish to appreciate what God has bene using the man of God Pastor Maxwell who has been there for me always ready to answer when I call and to God almighty for his unfailing grace and blessings upon my life.

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